• Deepak

Index level for 14 May

Nifty Spot closed at 11148

Resistance at 11230 / 11275

Support at 11080 / 11055

View: - There is no preference today before open for the stronger one as Nifty pulled BankNifty too along with it by close. At around support levels / a intraday signal will be watched out on Nifty.

Support range for today 11080 - 11055 on Nifty spot. Expecting a second half up-move in markets today which is likely to take us to the resistance levels for today.

BankNifty Spot closed at 28659

Resistance at 28915 / 29025 / 29215

Support at 28515 / 28455

View:- As expected Nifty pulled BankNifty along with it on downside. Long trades only to be tried into when we see a intraday low being made . Today is likely to be a pullback day for our markets and i am expecting a sharp pullback from low towards close today.

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