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Index level for 16 May

Nifty Future closed at 11177

Resistance at 11240 / 11280

Support at 11110 / 11065

View: - Nifty had a inside day yesterday, break of lows of 14th May will be watched. If we see a reversal from there then fine. Else we are going down to lower levels. Charts are reflecting more weakness with Sellers in control where as Data is pointing to a relief rally.

View to be reviewed post open / mid session again.

BankNifty Future closed at 28666

Resistance at 28890/ 29020

Support at 28420 / 28300

View:- BankNifty which was holding on thru the fall has now turned weaker and has already broken the lows f 14th May. Now all depends on Nifty, if it sees a followup selling post break of 14th Low then BNF likely to test the support levels for today.

View to be reviewed post open / mid session again.

I am available LIVE in month of May for more updates on Market views on Zoom over the link

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