• Deepak

Index level for 6 June

Event Alert : - RBI Policy - Announcement at 11:45

Nifty Spot at 11977

Resistance at 12040, 12070

Support at 11920 , 11875

BankNifty Spot at 31415

Resistance at 31590, 31680

Support at 31210 , 30980

View: - Open today is bad on expected lines post DHFL news flow. Market has drifted lower since open on both Nifty and BankNifty spot.

Any spike during policy announcement should be looked to sell into. Selling at lows is not advised today, only on bounce back to the reference resistance levels.

Since its a imp day for traders, you can join me live over the link today - https://zoom.us/j/440298888

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