• Deepak

Index levels for 5 May 2020

Nifty Spot closed at 9293

Support - 9260 / 9140

Resistance - 9410 / 9520

BankNifty Spot closed at 19743

Support - 19515 / 19245

Resistance - 20060 / 20260

View: - Yesterday was a big down day, kind of trend down day we never saw market making an attempt to go up and hit a new intraday high.

Today as per SGX there are indications of a Gap up, i expect that gap up to be sold into and gap to be filled for today. Sell trade need not to be taken at open itself but once you see any reversal from day high.

Use proper risk management when you trade this view, it can go wrong as well, this is just a view before market opening, You can check with me before taking a trade on sell side in the discussion group.

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