• Deepak

Index levels & Views for 21 Aug

Nifty Spot closed at 11017

Resistance at 11060/ 11110

Support at 10985 / 10940 / 10900

BankNifty Spot closed at 27982

Resistance at 28050 / 28230

Support at 27840/ 27690 / 27540

View: - Yesterday was again a Narrow range day (NR7) in Nifty. A break of yesterday low on Nifty should again open up downside in Index. BankNifty was weaker one yesterday among the two index. Will be looking for sell trades in Market.

At about 12:15 i will try to give a update on market for a second half trade if any spotted.

I will update on a change of view based on action post market open.

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