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Index levels & Views for 25 June

Nifty Spot closed at 11699

Resistance at 11735, 11770

Support at 11645 , 11615

BankNifty closed at 30602

Resistance at 30730, 30805

Support at 30430, 30310

View: - Break of Yesterday range is key in Nifty & BankNifty both, break lows of yesterday is bearish. Market is not able to sustain the higher levels ( Index ), but the outside index stocks are seeing some respite. In my view with the budget approaching we are also approaching a big move soon on Index.

Broader view - Budget is ahead of markets, but in actual GST council meet is the Budget now. I expect the 20 May gap (Created post Exit poll announcement ) to be filled in next 5-15 days. Bulls are not in control of the index, Its a matter of when and not If.

HDFC Bank is going to be a key stock to watch, it is likely to move markets going ahead. Stock has been in range since last 15 sessions now.

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