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Lincoln Pharma - Breakout Stock

Lincoln - Breakout stock with support at 303, Notification shared on 29th June 2021

Daily chart shared at the time of post.

Lets look at the stock deeper, why it was a breakout stock.

Weekly Chart in BSE - Stock had crossed key resistance level on upside above resistance from 2016 and 2018.

Back to daily chart now, I have kept the weekly reference zone as is and have marked the 1st structure change on the daily chart which we had used to enter the stock.

This is who we can look to take a trade, not on cross of absolute levels but once the level is hit and there is a continuation in the direction of move. A real educational post, nothing to do with how stock is performing after sharing the chart.

Disclaimer - Educational post only, consult with your financial advisor before taking a position.

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