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Premium Content - Introduction

Welcome to Premium Content

Here's an introduction of what's on offer and How to understand things which are shared.

1) Index References - Index levels are marked on a chart considering for intraday support and resistance levels. If you are taking any trades in the long direction; you can consider the resistance levels as the upside objectives and vise versa.

2) Daily Data files - EOD an update is shared with 02 data files.

a) Short Term High - This file contains stocks which have made short term high today. I prefer to look at the stocks that come in the file either after a correction has happened as it short list the stocks which have shown 1st bounce after market correction or during a strong up move in market as it helps to find new breakout stocks.

b) Breakout stocks - It takes into consideration momentum in stocks on EOD charts and add the stocks to this file. This file usually has max names in max momentum and less names when there is a down move in markets. Its best to look for known names to you in this list and then look for their chart and play them accordingly.

3) Webinar - We conduct 1 monthly webinar on last Sunday of every month. Link for the session is shared few days before the schedule date. The agenda is to look for index views on daily and weekly timeframe for Nifty, BN, Midcap and smallcap index. Review of stock list discussed, one study / observation based on technical analysis ( usually ) and Q&A

4) Daily stock review (F&O Stocks) - A daily stock review for F&O stocks is done and recording of the session is shared with you. You can join the session at 8 PM live as well in case you have anything to discuss. Link for the session is - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89659875390?pwd=TnJ1cmhFbVJuM2h4R3hicFppcUhzZz09

5) Telegram channel and group - Details to join this is already shared with you over email when you joined Premium Content. Its used to share notification and discuss.

6) Breakout setups - I share few charts which I find are looking good. I will not flood you with ideas, the number of setups shared are limited. Taking into consideration we all have limited capital to invest / trade. The logic of the setup and the references are shared. They are not to be considered as trading calls, its upto you if you find the setup good then only look to invest / trade. They can tracked on the link

7) NR7 data - I share a data in Notification channel where for F&O stocks a sheet is shared which has last 5 days of NR7 count for stocks which were in NR7 current day. For more details you should check this link - https://www.indianstockss.com/forum/technical-analysis-101/narrow-range-nr7-ib

rest you can explore the premium content section on the website which also has learning, previous monthly webinar and stock charts showing explanation of why they were selected.



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