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SSI & MidCap 100 Index - May 2021

SSI - Strong Stock Index created for stocks which are strong in all of NSE basket.

Below is a comparative chart of SSI with Midcap 100 index. I have taken the start point as Jan 2021.

Recent peak on SSI was around the band of 380 - 460 band, reading on 11th May 2021 stands at 435. As per momentum score we have entered the resistance band or the euphoric phase post which mostly a correction kicks in, use this as a opportunity to lighten up the trading positions on the way up and generate some cash.

Nifty Midcap 100 chart

The midcap index chart is posting a different picture suggesting that a breakout has happened Yesterday.

Lets see again what stands true, the market internal data or the Index chart which everyone can see as a breakout, another test for SSI study.

We have always used the Peaks and troughs of the SSI to time our positions in midcap index. Lets stick to that this time too.

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