• Deepak

Tata Motors - Bullish view - 16 Dec2020

Tata Motors - Daily Chart

Tata motors has a support at 173 in short term and a breakout above 189 likely to happen now. Sl for the view is at 173

Tata Motors - Weekly Chart

A lot of scope is there in case there is an up move in the stock

Bullish option structure for Tata motors -

Option 1 -

Buy 1 Jan 2021 190 CE and Sell 1 Dec 200 CE

Following the Stoploss of 173 for this view has a max risk of 17.5k

Option 2 -

Buy 1 Jan 2021 190 CE and Sell 1 Dec 200 CE and add 1 more 190 CE Jan when spot prices moves above 189

The risk needs to be seen again before adding the trade on long side, and we can revise the SL too at that time - You need to check with me for that for further adjustment to this Option 2.


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