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Traders Club

Its a Platform for fellow traders to join me live during the market hours and learn and implement a combination of technical and Behavioral finance techniques which can make a difference to your trading. You will get access to my charting system and will also get to understand how to implement technical analysis, a next stage to learning technical analysis. 

You will be able to learn how only technical analysis is not enough, there are many other aspect to trading including discipline , position sizing , psychology & most important behavioral finance.

There needs to be a trading system which is defining risks before you enter a trade. This is a platform in which over a period of time i will be assisting you to develop your own trading setup and yourself to see the change.

I will be teaching you methods that are occurring in markets at a decent frequency and will help you trade and understand market. There is a list of 17 topics that we will be covering which are helpful in trading intraday markets majorly and also positional. 

What you will not get in live session

- Don’t join if your objective is only to replicate trades. I don’t have a holy grail and cannot promise super profits
- Don’t join if you don’t have time to be live at least few hrs every day, as learning come with time.
- Don’t join if you expect to gain access to a system of holy grail profits.

Live Session

Live Sessions during market hours with my software tools and views on market moves

Discussion Group

Telegram Group for discussion on the data shared between members 

Index Views

Index views before market open - Support / Resistance levels for the day (Daily)

Trade Setups

Live discussion on various stocks and how to approach them.

Major focus will on reactive technical analysis rather than predictive approach. 

Fee for program is RS 15000 for 2 months.

For more info Email -
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