Topic List

Stock Futures

  • Study for range trading – Ramesh, Suresh & Mahesh (Daily and Intraday) (RS)

  • Understanding candle structures at boundaries (Demand & Supply Zones)

  • Developing Candle + Pullback references

  • Defining Objectives of a move (Intraday / Swing)

  • NR7 trading technique (Modified)

Index Options

  • Trend following technique  using open interest for options on Expiry moves (BankNifty Expiry)

  • Mean reversion technique using open interest analysis for Expiry moves (BankNifty Expiry)

Event Trading

  • Result trading

  • Event trading

  • Trading stocks post trend day

  • Events around index, example RBI policy

TradersClub learning part to be completed over weekend - 9th & 10th October 2021

01 month of live trading with me to understand the concepts better. Live market sessions from 9 AM to 3 :30 PM to understand how to apply the concept learned in live market.

You can continue to be a part of TradersClub after this initial period of learning and live sessions for an extended period of 2 months to 6 months at discounted prices.

Fee for weekend learning and 01 month live sessions is Rs 10,000 

Use below button to register, Learning session starts on 9th October 2021

Additional to the learning part above, you will continue to be part of daily stock review at 8 PM for F&O stocks to get the views and analysis on daily timeframe.