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Weekend learning session to be scheduled after discussion

TradersClub learning part to be completed over weekend.

Once the learning part is done, we will be doing live trading to understand the concepts better. Live market sessions from 9 AM to 3 :30 PM will be there to understand how to apply the concept learned in live market for a period of 01 month.

Learning the basics of Charting

  • What is a candlestick chart

  • Dow Theory

  • Some basic but important candlestick patterns (pin bar / engulfing)

  • Identifying support/resistance zones

  • Multi Timeframe analysis – MTF

  • How to define the structure of the day

Price Action Patterns for trading set-ups

  • Ramesh Suresh

  • Bullish Pin bar, trading on basis of its count at day low/day high

  • Day High volume candle

  • Defining Objectives of a move (Intraday / Swing)

  • AVWAP – Anchored VWAP

Topic on options

  • Anchored VWAP on options

  • Understanding OI for trading indexes

  • Positional Option Strategies

  • Index Algorithm based on relative strength.

Trading Systems

  • Result / Event trading

  • During Market Hours

  • Post Market Hours

  • Trading Index / stocks post trend day

  • Fadu Setup

  • Positional Option Strategies

  • Index Algorithm based on relative strength.

Who should join TradersClub ?

Do you trade in Futures and Options?
Do you trade around events / results / news ?

Do you trade Positional option trades ?

If yes, Trades club is perfect location for you to join and trade along with fellow traders
All types of trades – 
New (willing to learn) OR 
Not New (for learning how to execute / handholding of their trading styles / trading physiology) OR 
Experienced (looking to have peer / mentor support) trade in the club and benefit from it

Initially we discuss all studies that are followed to take trades during the learning sessions.

Contact us to schedule learning session

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There is a daily stock review at 8PM every trading day to prepare for next trading session and select stocks based on how they did the previous trading day. Focusing on the recent action of the stocks.

You can continue to be a part of TradersClub after this initial period of learning and live sessions for an extended period.

Fee for weekend learning and 01 month live sessions is Rs 30,000 

Use below button to register

Additional to the learning part above, you will continue to be part of daily stock review at 8 PM for F&O stocks to get the views and analysis on daily timeframe.

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