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I am a Technical trader with a  presence in stock markets from 2001. I have seen bull and bear phases. My work is to identify setups based on technical setups and select the fundamentally strong stock. Initially the view on all the stocks are for short term and based on the behavior of the stock at key resistance levels the target price are revised on upside. Since the stock selection is based on technical indicators, all the stocks suggested have a Target & Stop loss levels.


I am associated with SMC global. You can open a trading account with me to get personalized views. There will not be any other charges collected other then the brokerage rate of 0.3% for delivery trades and 0.03% for intraday trades. ( There are different account opening schemes). All the trade setups will be shared and a real-time support will be provided on the recommended stocks and also you can ask me your questions related to previous holdings. 


Segments under recommendation is only cash segment.


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