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Explore ways to trade in F&O segment effectively

About TradersClub

F&O stocks have a inherit nature to remain range bound 80% of the times and do range expansion 20% of times. 

To explore this nature of F&O stocks I have been trading stocks in a mean reverting way and is on a look out for failed breakout, stocks in news and result reaction trading in a mean reverting manner.

To explore the strong trend on daily timeframe i.e. trend following, I use option structures to capture the move.

I will be sharing the process of identifying the stocks where one should be looking for mean revert trades and the techniques to trade that and different option structure which enables us to capture the trends in stocks. 

Offering under TradersClub

  • Concept Videos explaining the process of stock selection and trade execution.

  • Videos explaining how the trades were taken by me based on the logics from concept videos.

  • Live Q&A session 2 times a month.

  • Discussion group to interact with me and other trades.

  • A review of what is working in current market scenario

  • You can continue with the membership post the 2 month period.

Registration details

Duration - 2 months
Fee - Rs 10,000

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