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My name is Deepak Thakran

- I am a full-time trader by profession and IT engineer by qualification, who trades using candlestick based technical analysis with a combination of behavioral finance.

- Like everyone else my aim is also  not to lose much and protect capital and follow a trading system which focus on what market is doing.


- I run a Traders Club & blog on and I am active on Twitter from id @indian_stockss

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Daily Index View


Learning and understanding what works in Indian stock market. 


Failed Breakout

The main priority area for us is to look out for failed breakout in a stock around its higher timeframe references and to look for a trade to gain from the said breakout in a risk defined manner.


Stock in news

There is news flow in stocks every day which leads to a large move, we are focused to look out for a trade during the opening session of the day in stocks in news after understanding the price behavior. 


Result reaction trading

Mean reverting works best during the result season and stats are there to prove it. We are ready with the references on stocks coming out with results on a given day and look for trades in them in such manner, All trades we take are risk defined to start with.

Read more about TradersClub on the link -

TradeGyani Meet

Mumbai, 2018

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