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Day high volume pine code for TradingView - New

Paste the below code in pine editor and save it, apply on chart and you will get a arrow highlighting the day high volume on an Intraday chart, you can hide this on a daily timeframe chart.


study(title="Highest Volume of the Day Signal", shorttitle="HVOD", overlay=true)

var float highestVolume = na

var bool isHighestVolume = na

if (dayofweek != dayofweek[1])

highestVolume := volume

else if (volume > highestVolume)

highestVolume := volume

isHighestVolume := volume == highestVolume

// Plot a signal on the chart, but only when not on the daily timeframe

plotshape(series=isHighestVolume and timeframe.isintraday, title="Highest Volume", location=location.belowbar,, style=shape.triangleup, size=size.small)

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